FranklinWH Storm Hedge Helps Homeowners Prepare for Extreme Weather


The FranklinWH system has three primary operating modes, Self-Consumption, Time of Use, and Emergency Backup. Emergency Backup keeps the aPower batteries at 100% all the time to be ready for a power outage.

Storm Hedge is an optional function for the first two modes which allows the system to move to Emergency Backup on notification by the National Weather Service (NWS).

FranklinWH Info Graphic

Pop-up warnings
FranklinWH systems with Storm Hedge enabled switch to Emergency Backup mode immediately on receiving the NWS notification. They also send a pop-up warning to each homeowner’s FranklinWH App.

Storm Hedge Operations
In Storm Hedge mode, the Franklin Home Power system focuses on fully charging aPower batteries, utilizing solar power and the grid for household needs. If the severe weather causes a grid outage, the batteries provide home energy. Post-storm, when the NWS sends a message that the event is over, the app returns to the user-set mode.

FranklinWH Info Graphic FranklinWH Info Graphic